Hosting: Liel Leibovitz


On June 7th, 2016, Liel Leibovitz writes in Tablet Magazine:



“No Matter who wins in November, the Jews have already lost. No longer at home in either the Democratic or Republican parties, it’s time to acknowledge the end of an era”.

The ‘era’ is the the golden age of Jews in the United States. The republican party essentially disintegrates into populist brew, which include, among many other things, racism, bigotry and Antisemitism. The left’s attitude towards the Jews is more menacing. The progressive wing of the Democratic party is where Intersectionality, the most recent intellectual perversion to come out of Academia, makes its permanent ideological home. The dogma demands that Israel should be rebuked. By August 2016, Black Lives Matter publish their Platform, which includes the audious reference to the Jewish State as an apartheid system in the process of committing genocide against the Palestinian people, confirming Liel’s observations.

The political wilderness, however, is a good place for the Jews – according to Liel – the place where perennial outsiders contemplate big ideas. When I think about the history of political turmoil and what it often meant for the Jews, how golden eras ended in disasters, I feel more dread than excitement. But what else can we do?  I choose to accept Liel’s call for a new intellectual engagement. This is our national calling.  

Liel Leibovitz is incredibly astute. Read his stuff here:

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