Hosting: Yoav Gal

Guest artist Yoav Gal describes what studying composition at a music academy has been like, how the dogma of ‘atonality’ caused decades-long period characterized by ugly music, alienating composers from the general listening public as well as from performing musicians. He further explains the connection between ‘atonality’ and (Marxist) Critical Theory; and how starting in the 1970’s, at last, Minimalism offered a solution to the dilemma of late 20th century art music. In response, the Room gently offers that the artist might want to concentrate his efforts on his unique talent and original operas, rather than the political implications of styles of music.

Yoav Gal's VideoOpera

Yoav Gal’s opera, “Mosheh” at Here. Photos by Ari Mintz. 1/26/2011.


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