The Third and last presidential debate. Watch it with us.

in the previous episode:

Trump was on the ropes.trump-clinton  Explicit audio tapes of his lewd objectification of women have surfaced; confirming his reputation as vulgar and sexist and sending his insurgent presidential campaign into a tailspin. Clinton was in a precarious position as well. Having to defend her frontrunner status, facing a wounded predator who would surely be looking to strike hard, her vulnerabilities would be exposed and she could not afford to make any mistakes. 

The Donald, as expected, attacked: “thirty years in government… just talk…. corrupt…wife of Bill… I will put you in Jail….” He circled around her menacingly, the body language underscoring his bitter rhetoric, as if to say, ‘cast me as the villain, and a villain I would play.’ Hillary did not lose control. But the smile, familiar from earlier exchanges, was gone. Her expression spoke of pain. Donald scored, and scored again. But the results were inconclusive, and Hillary may have weathered the storm.

 But what’s next? 

Almost without a doubt the hostility will deepen. This wonderful, horrible, political theater will continue this Wednesday night, and De Roomies will be watching it and getting triggered together. join us. You’ll feel safer…

Send a note to, for the location.

See you there, or here, on social media.


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